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'A bio? Excuse me a moment while I load the louche-prick personality' said the voice in llucid's head, while he stroked an imaginary beard then gazed to the middle distance muttering, "I find art in the elements elements of the everyday"


I've been off art a lot lately because I just can't finish any big pieces and the smaller ones are too boring to bother.

Is there anything like a "collab gorup" where you could permanently work with other artists on making pieces? Like someone pitches a big idea for a piece and everyone works to make it happen. 

Do they exist? how do I find them?
Say it was possible to train a program to make one image look more like another (something like deep mind with those starry-night copies).

Say (hypothetically) I use this program to copy another artist's style ; use their art to train the neural network algorithm (like literally downloaded all their files (WITHOUT PERMISSION) and fed that to the computer as the training data).

Say I then made commissioned shitty drawings which I then use the algorithm to pimp out with their copied style.

Is it stealing to sell them?
Imagine 50 odd years from now when AI becomes advanced enough to replace us at everything we do; where they become more creative, more intelligent, more cost-effecient and more effective than us in every field. And yes, i say when, not if, because it WILL happen.

What would the world look like, without work?
Yup. It's that time of the blue moon again Nod . Browsing deviantart's given me some much needed inspiration to make more pieces. Only problem is since my secret project Erhida is still in planning stages, I don't really have anything to draw :iconshockplz: . I said I was going to take a couple of requests if I felt like it, so here's a list of them I'm going to do. If you want one too, note me or comment on this. I'd probably get on it if it's not too hard to do Peace 

|| Darvel for Wielkizlywilk :iconwielkizlywilk: Status: Completed Bullet; Green 
|| Mako's new threads for MegaMovieMonday :iconmegamoviemonday:  Status: Completed Bullet; Green 
|| "Cheese". for Louis status: Completed Bullet; Green 
|| The Urban Crawler for Raj Status: Completed Bullet; Green 

p.s. Don't expect these to be done with my maximum effort. It takes like 2 weeks to do something like that, so I'm not going to unless it's a request I really find that interesting.
p.p.s Nothing too inappropriate.



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Thank you for the watch~
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Thanks for the fave! :)
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Thanks for the Llama back, how're you doing today?
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I'm good man, today was a good day to drown in junk food and binge watch one punch man. :dummy: Happy holidays mate.
p.s. Thanks for the llama too.
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Yeah that's a great day
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